Tick Tack Kids Nursery

“Our children will have a longer life span than ours and will live in a more cosmopolitan world, so it’s necessary to give them instruments to help put them at ease in their relationships with others”.

The Tick Tack Kids is a bilingual (Italian-English) nursery, for children aged 9 to 36 months, opened in 2012 in the centre of Forlì, in agreement with the Municipality.
From the 1st of September 2019 the nursery will relocate to via Galleppini 20, in the Ca’ossi quarter, to build the New Experimental Bilingual Polo in collaboration with the Il Bruco Primary School.
The Polo will give the possibility to a child and his family to follow a single educational path up to the age of six.
The bilingual nursery offers an educational program characterized by the daily presence of the English language and the importance given to music and the outdoor experiences.
At the Tick Tack Nursery the children are able to “play” with the English language everyday and for the whole of the year; from the morning welcoming song “Hello, what’s your name?” to the everyday actions such as “let’s go and eat some fruit now” and “now children, let’s make a train and join our friends!” passing through workshops and the activities proposed during each day at the nursery.
The children familiarize themselves every day with the foreign language during their daily routines, the exploration in the big garden, the moments of body care and through the program of story-telling, singing songs and games designed to stimulate curiosity and interest towards the new language.

At Tick Tack Kids children learn English in a natural, gradual manner, enjoying themselves and playing outdoors.


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